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Terms and Conditions

Basic Contest Rules


Hole-in-One contests are held on the Par 3 holes at the golf course hosting your event. Each amateur golfer has a chance to win a prize if they make a Hole-In-One. When they make the

Hole-In-One, they win the prize package offered on that particular hole.**


The minimum yardage for a Hole-In-One contest is 150 yards for men and 125 for women. Rates may be higher for shorter yardage contests. 


Witness requirements apply to all Hole-In-One, Putting and Chipping contests.  For some prizes, the witnesses can be the playing partners in the group. For higher valued prizes, non-playing, third party witnesses may be required. Continuous time-stamp video required for some prizes. Specific terms and conditions related to the prize(s) selected will be provided to you by MFC Event Management, LLC prior to your event.


All contests provide sponsorship opportunities for your event. Sponsorships can cover the cost of your Hole-in-One Prize Package(s), Putting & Chipping Contests, and may generate a profit for your fundraising golf event.


** - Eligibility terms and conditions apply to all contests. Compliance of all terms and conditions is the sole responsibility of Prize Sponsor.

*** - Standard Signs free with purchase of each contest. Custom sponsor signage available for an additional fee. 

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